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I understand life as the ultimate adventure. Every day holds its unique mystery. I intend to explore every corner of this fabulous maze we call the human experience. I only count on very few yet determining conditioning traits in which I constantly dive deep to explore the limits, shapeless but ever-so-present borders, as I walk towards my fate. I embrace life as a teacher, experiences as tools, and my present circumstance as a fleeting opportunity to fulfill my destiny. 

I was born and had the gift of experiencing childhood and adolescence in a country full of wonder, Colombia. Growing up in a bubble in the middle of a world tormented by social inequality, violence, and a reality hard to grasp for any young soul, made me one of the millions immersed in what is now known as magical realism, which, in truth,  holds only a pinch of fantasy and a large amount of hope. 


 At 26, I took a turn in the maze, following my heart. In that path, I moved to Spain. The story intensified and revealed new ways of being to be explored. I became a foreigner, a wife, a student, a teacher, and a mother. To all of these, I devoted my energy and focus for many years. A divorce later, and once my children became old enough to demand their independence, I found myself with the most precious and endless bounty of opportunity a human can posses, time. Time in my hands, not only to apprehend a new reality but also to express my own experience with the passion of an endless explorer. I found my way back to creativity, attempting to write a novel, long hidden in the lines of my life, and paint! as I used to love as a child.


Every painting I create is the sum of  my  experience, with which I draw a testimony of the woman I've become and continue to experience.  

I hope to share my experience through art in the hope that it will inspire you to trust your calling and to accompany your experience as I add color and beauty to the landscape you create every day. 


Ita Salas is a talented artist who creates colorful and dynamic paintings and illustrations. Her work often features fantasy or sci-fi themes, with a focus on characters and creatures. She uses a bold, graphic style with strong lines and bright colors that give their work a sense of energy and movement.

Ita's style can be described as highly stylized, featuring bold outlines and vibrant color schemes with the use of different textures and intricate patterns which add depth and complexity to every scene. Additionally, the artist often incorporates elements of fantasy and surrealism, adding a dreamlike quality to her art.

Overall, Ita Salas' art reveals as highly imaginative and visually striking. Her style is distinctive and engaging, with a strong sense of storytelling and a well-defined passion for fantasy and sci-fi themes. 

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